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How do I post a job?

Complete the form and make your payment with a credit card.
You will receive an email confirmation.

Who will see the job listing?

The listing will be placed on the VCNP Job Board, which is visible exclusively to VCNP members.
New job postings are sent to the entire membership via email on a regular basis – maximizing your exposure.

How long will the posting be listed?

The job will be listed for 60 days.
Today's jobs will expire on Jul 12, 2021

Tips for achieving more responses:

  • Include CONTACT INFORMATION for candidates to ask questions and submit their applications.
  • Select the correct region for the job!
    View Region Map.
  • Put the most important and exciting parts of the job first in the Requirements and Description sections.
  • If there are things that make the job, workplace or community especially nice, mention it!
  • Make sure your copy readable and enticing!

What should I NOT do?

Please do not select all regions for a job.
Select only the regions that someone might commute from.
A job with all regions selected may look like spam and be unappealing!
Don't use any of the forbidden terms:
  • mid level
  • physician extender
  • supervisory

How can I edit my Job Posting?

Please email us with any revisions you need.
Please don't forget to give us the ID!
Don't use any of the forbidden terms:
  • mid level
  • physician extender
  • supervisory
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